ToV Paper 1 Practice Answers

1a – Source D

These should be paraphrased, or quoted in small phrases
1) Territorial settlement imposed on the Germans
2) Return of Alsace-Lorraine to France
3) Other cessions to Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Denmark

1b – Source E

1) Four men on the right = GB, France, Italy, and the US putting the pill into Germany’s mouth, symbolizes how the “Big Four” ‘forced’ the Paris Peace Terms onto Germany
2) The hand that is grasping Germany and forcing its mouth open symbolizes that the “Big Four” are the ones making the decisions at the Paris Peace Conference
3) The Peace Terms, which is the pill, is bigger than the mouth of the German delegation, meaning that the reparations are “too heavy” or “too harsh” since the German delegation cannot swallow it

2 – Sources A & C

1) Compare
  1. a. Both sources discuss Germany’s perspective towards the Treaty of Versailles
  2. b. Both sources mention the actions that Germany plans to take in response to the Treaty of Versailles
2) Contrast
  1. a. Source A’s tone is more conciliatory and analytical; Source C’s tone is more vengeful
  2. b. Source A shows that Germany is willing to adopt the ToV and is willing to cooperate with the Western powers; Source C shows that Germany is going to reverse the decisions made at the Paris Peace Conference
  3. c. Source A mentions Germany’s eagerness to impress the US and notes the role of US, while Source C does not
  4. d. Source A discusses the domestic politics in Germany (Ebert), while Source C does not

3 – Sources B & D (Impact of Germany by the ToV)

1) Source B
  1. a. O = Adolf Hitler’s view from Mein Kampf, book, published in 1978
  2. b. P = For Hitler to describe and criticize the injustice imposed by the ToV
  3. c. V = Coming from Adolf Hitler, rising authoritarian leader at the time in Germany, helpful for seeing how the ToV helped Hitler rise to power; An extract from Mein Kampf, helpful for seeing how the Germans who were impacted by the ToV (or were ignorant of the situation) were influenced by Nazi ideologies at the time
  4. d. L = Book is called “Hitler and the Rise of the Nazis,” therefore it may not specifically address the impact of the ToV on Germany, rather it will provide history on how Hitler came to power; Coming from Adolf Hitler and since it is used to criticize the injustice of the ToV, therefore the perspective presented here on the impact of the ToV would be highly nationalistic (subjective) rather than objective
2) Source D
  1. a. O = L. C. B. Seaman, book, published in 1972
  2. b. P = To provide a (statistical) analysis on whether Germany was in a good/bad state economically following the war
  3. c. V = Published in 1972, therefore the author would have more than 50 years after the ToV to gather more information to analyze the impact of the ToV on Germany; By Seaman and published in the UK, therefore the perspective on the impact of the ToV here would be more objective than by someone in Germany at the time
  4. d. L = Book is called “From Vienna to Versailles,” and therefore it seems to be giving a broad coverage of history from the Congress of Vienna to Versailles, and their influences on Europe, rather than focusing on Versailles only; Since the author is providing a statistical analysis on the impact of the ToV, it does not take into consideration the human and psychological impacts of the ToV

4 – Source & Own Knowledge (“Stable democratic country, eager to play her part in the world community…")

Yes – Source A, D
No – Sources B, C, E

Own Knowledge: reparations, war guilt clause, political, economic and social instability in Germany, left-right wing extremists, rise of Hitler (putsch), increase in nationalism…etc